Pork Bean Paste and Potato (马铃薯面豉猪肉)

This is a variant of the earlier post with bitter gourd, but this is less presentable dish as the color is brownish all over, but tasty enough for a day to day meal with porridge or steam rice, and especially … Continue reading →

Pork Bean Paste and Bitter Gourd (苦瓜面豉猪肉)

Ingredients 1 bitter gourd 200g minced pork or slice pork 4 Garlic 1-2 tablespoon bean paste 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon light soya sauce 1 teaspoon corn flour 2 table spoon cooking oil 1 cup water Method Remove skin of … Continue reading →

Steam Pork Ribs with Bean Paste (豆酱排骨)

Ingredients 50-300 grams pork rib 1 tablespoon bean paste 3 teaspoon sugar 3 teaspoon soy sauce 1 sour plum (preserved in water) 2 clove garlic Method Wash and drain dry the pork ribs and lay them on a steaming plate. … Continue reading →