Simple Vegetable (chye sim or bok choy) Soup (菜心/小白菜汤)

Ingredients 2-3 bunches of vegetables (chye sim or bok choy) 3 small red onion 1 tablespoon dried ikan billis (dried anchovy) 200g minced pork 2 eggs 1 litre water 1 teaspoon salt 4 tablespoon cooking oil Method Peel the onion … Continue reading →

Cottage Pie or Shepherd’s Pie

The traditional cottage pie or shepherd’s pie is a meat pie with mashed potatoes as the crust, as potato is a cheaper food then. This recipe is not truly the traditional cottage pie, for simplicity, I do not bake it, … Continue reading →

Potato Carrot Soup

Potato carrot soup

  Ingredients 2 potato 1-2 carrot 1 big yellow onion 1 tomato 200 grams pork ribs 1 1/2 liters water Salt to taste dash of ground white pepper Spring onion (optional) Method Peel the potato, and cut into chucks of … Continue reading →

Spaghetti in Chicken Soup

spaghetti chicken soup

This is quite a simple meal, especially good as a toddlers’ or children’s meal.  Ingredients (serve 2) 4 stalks of celery 2  carrots 1 big yellow onion 2 potatoes 1 chicken breast meat 1 chicken bone (only the backbone and … Continue reading →