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Gobo Drink

It is not necessary to boil Gobo as soup. Instead just as a drink. I used a slow cooker as usual. Ingredients 1 Gobo (ngau bong or 牛蒡) Stick Some Wolfberry (Kei Chi or 枸杞子) Water Method: Wash and peel … Continue reading →

Porridge in Gobo (牛蒡) Soup with Roasted Piglet Meat

You can do this when you have leftovers of gobo soup (see soba in gobo recipe) that you boiled too much and roasted piglet meat that you take away from dinners. Quantity is adjustable. No other flavourings added as the … Continue reading →

Apples with Egg Salad in Ketchup Dressing

Ingredients: 2 small Green Apples 2 small Red Apples 1/4 cup Ketchup 1/2 cup Oil 1/4 cup Sugar 1/2 tsp Salt 2 Eggs Method: Clean the apples. Cut the apples into any size you want. Soak the apples in salt water. … Continue reading →