Steam Cod Fish with Wolfberry (枸纪子)

Cod fish goes very well with sweet condiments.  Japanese menu always have cod fish with teriyaki sauce (sweet soya sauce).  This recipe instead uses wolfberry (枸纪子) which are also sweet, and also helps to prevent degeneration of your eyes (claim … Continue reading →

Gobo Drink

It is not necessary to boil Gobo as soup. Instead just as a drink. I used a slow cooker as usual. Ingredients 1 Gobo (ngau bong or 牛蒡) Stick Some Wolfberry (Kei Chi or 枸杞子) Water Method: Wash and peel … Continue reading →

Apple or Pear with Chinese Almond (南北杏) and Chuan Bei (川贝)Drink

chuan bei mu 川贝母

This recipe is given by my TCM doctor, to help soothe my children’s cough.  He said that it can be drank even you do not have cough, it generally nourishes the lungs.  You can use red apple or Chinese pear … Continue reading →

Black Bean Soup with He Shou Wu (何首乌)

This can be drink as usual day soup.  This soup with the He Shou Wu is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that known to help hair growth and darkening of grey hairs. Ingredients 3/4 cup Black beans 5 dried … Continue reading →