Steam Bean Curd with Egg (蒸水豆腐蛋)

This is a simple and yet healthy and nutritious dish, with goodness of bean curd and egg, and healthy and simplicity of steaming. This dish can also be called 老少平安, but the original version of 老少平安 include minced pork and … Continue reading →

Whipped Potatoes / Mashed Potatoes

Potato masher

Some may wonder why their whipped potatoes don’t taste as good as those served in restaurants.  The secret is simply butter and milk. Ingredients (Serve 2) 4 potatoes 1 table spoon salted butter ¼ – ½ cup milk Method Peel … Continue reading →

Apple or Pear with Chinese Almond (南北杏) and Chuan Bei (川贝)Drink

chuan bei mu 川贝母

This recipe is given by my TCM doctor, to help soothe my children’s cough.  He said that it can be drank even you do not have cough, it generally nourishes the lungs.  You can use red apple or Chinese pear … Continue reading →

Oat Porridge with Sesame Powder and Cheese

oat porridge

  This is quick and easy and a nutritious meal for toddler.  Sesame and cheese has high content of calcium. Good when you are to busy to cook porridge for them.   Also good for adults, high in fibers. Ingredients 5 … Continue reading →

Bean curd (toufu) Wakame (seaweed) Miso Soup

Ingredients (serve 2 bowls) 2 tablespoon Miso paste 2 bowls water 1/2 tube or block of soft bean curd 2 sticks of dried wakame (japanese seaweed) Method Soak wakame till soft. Rinse briefly to remove any sand or dust. (Very … Continue reading →