Spinach Omelette Sandwich

spinach omelette sandwich

Simple recipe, pack with nutrients and fibres of spinach and tomatoes.  Picky children will also love this. Ingredients (serve 2) 4 slices of bread (white or cheese flavoured) 2 eggs handful of spinach leaves (amount may vary) 1 tomato ½ … Continue reading →

Luffa Omelette (丝瓜芙蓉)

Ingredients 1 x luffa 4 x eggs ½ teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon sugar Cooking oil 6 table spoon. 1 clove garlic 5-10 Prawns (optional) 1 tablespoon soya sauce Dash of ground pepper Method If prawn is used, de-shell the prawns. … Continue reading →

French Beans Omelette

Ingredients Hand full of French beans (about 30 strands or about 250 grams) 4 eggs 1/3 teaspoon salt 4 table spoon cooking oil Method Wash the French beans, and pluck out both tips.  Do not use knife, using your fingers … Continue reading →

Preserved Turnip Omelette

Ingredients 2 chinese table spoon of chopped preserved turnip 3 or 4 eggs 3 table spoon cooking oil Method if the preserved turnip is in chunks, chop it into small pieces (1mm) Beat the eggs in a bowl. Heat up … Continue reading →