Steam Bean Curd with Egg (蒸水豆腐蛋)

This is a simple and yet healthy and nutritious dish, with goodness of bean curd and egg, and healthy and simplicity of steaming. This dish can also be called 老少平安, but the original version of 老少平安 include minced pork and … Continue reading →

Pan Fry Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce

Salmon are fantastic eaten raw as sashimi.  However, when cooked, the texture becomes hard, and little fishy.   It taste better with some sauce.  Teriyaki sauce goes well with salmon, and I used bottled sauce from Kikkoman. Ingredients 1 slice of … Continue reading →

Steam Cod Fish with Wolfberry (枸纪子)

Cod fish goes very well with sweet condiments.  Japanese menu always have cod fish with teriyaki sauce (sweet soya sauce).  This recipe instead uses wolfberry (枸纪子) which are also sweet, and also helps to prevent degeneration of your eyes (claim … Continue reading →

Ikan Billis Mushroom Miso (みそ) Soup

I have introduced a Miso soup recipe in earlier post.  Miso soup is a simple and tasty soup to make.  Miso was also said to have health benefits, but I will not swear by it here, readers may go and … Continue reading →

Wat Dan Hor Fun (滑蛋河粉) Gravy

Wat Dan simply means smooth egg (滑蛋).  This is done by pouring egg into the gravy in the last cooking step and turning off the flame immediately before the egg is fully cook, hence remain as soft cook.  This goes … Continue reading →