How to Wrap Rice Dumpling (肉粽,粽子,bak chang)

rice dumpling

Rice dumpling is a Chinese festive food for 端午节, duan wu jie, which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month in the lunar calendar.  The story goes where a loyal poet屈原 committed suicide by drowning himself in the … Continue reading →

Mini Sausages rolled in Streaky Bacon Kebabs

mini sausages rolled in streaky bacon

This is not a recipe exactly, more of a suggestion, for your next BBQ or roasting in an oven. Ingredients 300 grams streaky bacon (15 pieces) 30 mini sausages Green, red, yellow capsicums 10 BBQ bamboo sticks Method Wash the … Continue reading →

Cottage Pie or Shepherd’s Pie

The traditional cottage pie or shepherd’s pie is a meat pie with mashed potatoes as the crust, as potato is a cheaper food then. This recipe is not truly the traditional cottage pie, for simplicity, I do not bake it, … Continue reading →

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Pork or Chicken (红烧豆腐)

This can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with mushrooms, and using vegetarian oyster sauce or mushroom sauce. Ingredients 1 block soft bean curd 150g-200g minced pork or chicken 2 clove of garlic ½ tablespoon dark soya (optional) 1 ½ … Continue reading →

White boiled chicken or “white chop” chicken (白斩鸡)

  In Singapore you can find many “chicken rice” stalls, and usually there is a choice of “white” chicken or “roast” chicken.  This recipe is for the white boil chicken, which is prepare by poaching the chicken in hot water.  … Continue reading →