Steam Bean Curd with Egg (蒸水豆腐蛋)

This is a simple and yet healthy and nutritious dish, with goodness of bean curd and egg, and healthy and simplicity of steaming. This dish can also be called 老少平安, but the original version of 老少平安 include minced pork and … Continue reading →

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Pork or Chicken (红烧豆腐)

This can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with mushrooms, and using vegetarian oyster sauce or mushroom sauce. Ingredients 1 block soft bean curd 150g-200g minced pork or chicken 2 clove of garlic ½ tablespoon dark soya (optional) 1 ½ … Continue reading →

Ikan Billis Mushroom Miso (みそ) Soup

I have introduced a Miso soup recipe in earlier post.  Miso soup is a simple and tasty soup to make.  Miso was also said to have health benefits, but I will not swear by it here, readers may go and … Continue reading →

Bean curd (toufu) Wakame (seaweed) Miso Soup

Ingredients (serve 2 bowls) 2 tablespoon Miso paste 2 bowls water 1/2 tube or block of soft bean curd 2 sticks of dried wakame (japanese seaweed) Method Soak wakame till soft. Rinse briefly to remove any sand or dust. (Very … Continue reading →

Toddler: Spinach (苋菜) Tofu (豆腐) Porridge


Ingredients 1 handful of white rice (or about 1/8 cup using the measuring cup from rice cooker) 1 bowl boiling hot water Small handful of Chinese spinach (苋菜) 1/8 of a tofu block (about 2 tablespoon) 1/8 of a shallot … Continue reading →