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  1. 300 grams Fish belly, fish head, fish backbone (after fillet out the flesh), or just fish meat chunks. (Garoupa is good for this)
  2. 2 table spoon soya sauce
  3. 2 table spoon sesame oil
  4. 2 table spoon hua tiao (花雕) or brandy or rice wine
  5. 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper (a few dash)
  6. 1 piece salted Vegetable (咸菜)
  7. 1 block Soft bean curd
  8. 5-10 cm section of ginger
  9. 1 stalk spring onion
  10. 3 table spoon cooking oil
  11. 1 soup bowl water.
  12. Salt


  1. Clean the fish, put in a bowl and marinate with soya sauce, sesame oil, pepper, and hua tiao. Leave aside for 15 mins.
  2. Remove the skin of ginger, and slices them into thin slices.  Cut the bean curd into cubes (about 2-3 cm). Wash spring onion and cut into strips of 3cm.  Wash and cut the salted vegetable into stips.
  3. Heat up wok (or pot can also be used), add cooking oil and ginger, fry till fragrance.
  4. Add in salted veg and fish and let it fry lightly. You can either shake the wok to move the fish around or use a stirrer and move them around lightly, be careful not to smash up the fish pieces.
  5. Once fragrance where the outside of the fish is lightly scalded (the inside is still not cooked), pour in water. When started to boil, add in bean curd and salt to taste.  Let it boil lightly (so as not to break up the fish meat) till the fish chucks are cooked.
  6. Remove from flame, add in the spring onion and serve hot.


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