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It is good to make this and keep in fridge, so that you can make anchovy (ikan billis) stock instantly.  You can keep this for up to a year in an air tight container in the fridge.  You need a grinder for this.

Get 500 grams of anchovy (or any amount).  Optionally for hygiene, you can wipe the ikan billis with a wet cloth, or I prefer to wash it, also to remove some saltiness. Dry it under hot sun.  Using wok or frying pan, with very low heat, without oil, pan fry the anchovy until very dry and crispy (use low heat to prevent burning before drying).  You need some patience here, as this will take up to 30 mins.

Allow the anchovy to cool to room temperature.  Put into grinder to grind till fine powder (make it really fine).  Note that after turning off the grinder, do not open cover immediately as the very fine powder may “float” out, wait for few minutes.  Scoop (again don’t pour as powder is very fine and will float in the air) into airtight jar and keep in fridge.

When you need to make pot of stock, add 1 teaspoon of powder into 1 pot of boiling water and allow to boil for 2 mins.


How to make your own anchovy powder (江鱼仔粉) to make instant stock — 8 Comments

  1. Note, after the anchovy cools down, use hands to pick up the anchovy bit by bit into the grinder or temporary into another container. This ensure you do not pick up the burnt crumps that fall off during the cooking, and these are bitter. Throw away the burnt crumps.

  2. You mean after washing? I dry them by the window side by spreading it out on a tray where the sun shines in (I live in an apartment without balcony too). I put the tray on a chair next to the window where the sun ray can shine on the anchovy. Alternatively put on the window ledge, but find some way to secure as it is dangerous to drop the tray downstairs.

    I have not try this way, but you can try to put them in a oven at low heat (100 deg) just enough for the water to evaporate and dry up.

  3. yes, certainly you can. For baby consumption, washing the anchovy is important to remove the salt content. cheers.

  4. Actually we can get the ready made pure anchovies powder(no added msg, coloring or preservative from Pearl Island Seafood Sdn Bhd. A shop located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia. They bottle it and sell for RM6 only a bottle. If you interested, you can call them for more info at 0125413088. Hope this help

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