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It is very common to get spicy shrimp mini spring roll in the stalls during Chinese New Year.  It is basically having minced dried shrimps fry with chilli and wrap with spring roll skin, and deep fry.  Here is an alternative, and not spicy, and I love it.


  1. 1 packet of frozen spring roll skin
  2. 300 grams pork floss (better to use crispy type that you can scoop with a spoon, otherwise the fibrous type you need to use fingers to pull them apart into small portions)
  3. ¼ bowl Water for sticking (can also mix in some corn or wheat flour).


  1. Using knife, cut the spring roll skin into 4 small squares (cut as a whole stack)
  2. Mix the water with the flour into a creamy mixture and set aside.
  3. For each piece of spring roll, put it as a diamond shape on the table, scoop 1 teaspoon of pork floss in the middle, fold the corner nearest to you forward to cover the floss, then fold the 2 left and right corners inwards and then roll the whole thing forward into a mini spring roll.  Dab some flour water at the last corner and complete the roll.
  4. After filling up all of the ingredient, deep fry in low heat till golden brown, drain dry and leave it on kitchen paper towel to absorb all the oil.
  5. Keep in air tight container when cooled down.  (Can keep for 1 month)


Pork Floss Mini Spring Roll — 7 Comments

  1. 1 packet of frozen spring roll skin. is the spring roll skin with egg or without egg?

    if i buy small packet of frozen spring roll skin do i still need to cut the skin?

  2. Without egg. That that you will use to wrap the cooked turnip and deep fry.

    as for the size, what you need is about 3 inch x 3 inch square after cutting, and after wrapping up the mini roll is about 1.5 to 2 inches long.

  3. Opps, there was a typo, what i meant is “those that you will use to wrap the cooked turnip and deep fry”, ie fried spring rolls we always see in the hawker stalls.

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