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Finally get this recipe typed out.  Manage to get this recipe from my mom.  In Singapore and Malaysia, this dish is commonly consumed by women after giving birth to their babies.  It is a very heaty dish, and helps women to cleanse the body of blood clots and remove wind.  It should be consumed only after 12th days of giving birth.  However, it can be consumed by anyone, regardless giving birth or not, male or female.  You can also get this from some restaurant in Singapore.  Note that you need to start preparing 1 day before the day you want to consume it.

For the pig trotters, it is very flexible.  You can add more by re-using the same vinegar gravy and repeat the method for day 2 on the 3rd day or 4th day.  However, just taste the gravy and add salt if not salty, add vinegar if not sour enough, or add rock sugar if not sweet enough.

Hind legs are too fatty, but if you like its ok.  Front legs are better, more lean meat.  The lower part (shin) has less meat but more tendons (chewy), and the upper part (thighs) are more meaty.  
Tell the butcher you are cooking this dish and he will recommend you what to get.

The portion is quite large, halve the portion if you like to try smaller portion.


  1. 1.5 Kg ginger
  2. 1.5  litres black vinegar ( 2 bottles) (see the picture, use this)
  3. 1.5 litres water, (2 bottles)
  4. 4-5 Pig legs
  5. 150 gm rock sugar, about 2 pieces
  6. 1 tablespoon salt
  7. 4 table spoon sesame oil

Method Day 1

  1. If you want the ginger with the skin on, which is recommended for consumption by women who have just given birth, to get rid of wind) wash the ginger buy brushing the skin.  Otherwise, scrape off the skin of the ginger.
  2. Cut the ginger into chunks, hit with side of the cleaver to crack it slightly.
  3. Heat up a frying pan, add in sesame oil.  Pan fry the ginger till fragrant.
  4. In a pot, pour in the black vinegar, water, rock sugar, salt, and the ginger.  Allow it to boil for 15 mins.  Off the flame and let it soaks overnight.

Method Day 2 and beyond

  1. Clean the pig trotters and remove hairs if any.
  2. Boil the pig trotters in a big pot of boiling water for 10 mins to remove the smell and also the blood clots.  Remove and rinse with tap water to remove the blood clots that stick to the meat and skin.
  3. In a frying pan or wok, without adding oil (just dry), put in the pig trotter and fry till fragrant.
  4. Add the pig trotter into the vinegar prepared the day before.  Bring to boil and allow it to simmer for 1 hour to 1.5 hours, or unit the meat are soft (try poking with a chopstick).  Note that over cooking will result in the meat breaking apart and party dissolved into the gravy. 

If you like eggs, you can prepare some hard boiled eggs, remove the shells, add into the vinegar gravy and allow to boil, and then leave it to soak overnight.  It will turn a little hard but it is tasty and chewy.  If you have not tried this, I’ll recommend to try.  You can prepare this even on day 1.



Pig Trotters with Ginger and Black Vinegar (猪脚姜醋) — 11 Comments

  1. Hi

    Pls advise the qty of the pig’s trotter as mentioned in your receipe above i.e. 4-5 pig’s leg. Usually the butcher will not chop up the leg before purchase, do you mean by the whole leg.

    Thanks and regards


  2. yes, the whole leg, and upon purchase the butcher will help to chop it up. Take it as 4-5 portions, each portion could be a “shin” or the “thigh”. When you tell butcher “pig leg” they will assume the “shin” part where you get the legs with the trotters.

  3. Tried this a hile back and it was super yummy!
    Hwever used brown sugar instead as itvwas suggested to be better.

    Which would be better?
    Halved all ingredients quantity too as it really needs a big pot!!

    Dun use metal pots!
    For the storage of leftover, do we leave the stew in the pot but keep the meat refrigerated? And throw them back and boil when required?

    Thanks for the receipe!

  4. rock sugar give a “light” sweet taste. Brown sugar is fine, and some ppl also use “black” sugar, also fine. Brown sugar and esp black sugar give a “strong” or “hard” sweet taste.
    Glass or traditional earth pot is good for cooking this as metal may react with the acid of the vinegar.
    Keeping leftover, leaving the pork in the gravy is fine and keeping all in the fridge. If you keep the gravy outside, make sure it is boiled and covered and leave it as it is (ie do not stir or open after boiling as it introduce bacteria)

  5. Depending on the portion, easily for 15-20 person, probably more, good for the full month party. Best is that you can continue to add more pig legs to the left over gravy the next day and cook again, and you get another new pot of it 🙂

  6. ‘Black’sugar is supposed to remove “dampness” from the body. I have 3 bottles of that vinegar for a very long time, and each year, I made a resolution to cook the dish. I trust that when I open the bottles next week, the vintage vinegar is still good. Crossing my fingers!

  7. Hi, thanks for the recipe and advises.
    May I know if it’s ok to leave the eggs in?
    Overboiled 20 eggs, and just realized there were few more eggs in the pot after 7 days!!! (already cooked for a week before that, then added more eggs, and i just found the eggs in the midst of the “blackness” in my black clay pot 🙁

  8. I think its ok. The eggs should have shrunk and harden, but there are people who love to eat it that way.

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