Hi, I’m Stanley, and I’m just like many of you, I have a passion in cooking and I have a passion in teaching others how to cook. This site will host a huge collection of free recipes.  Recipes of all kinds of cooking are available, and we focus on “simple and tasty”.  We wish to teach others the step by step instruction of how to cook something simple, not too complicated with too many ingredients and steps, but simple ingredients with simple steps, and cook out a dish of tasty and delicious meal.  If you are out of ideas what to cook, or teach your foreign domestic helper to cook, we provide you great ideas.  We not only teach you how to cook, but also share cooking tips and recommendation of where to get yummy food.  We aim to make this a one-stop site for people looking for simple and tasty food, and best of all how to cook these simple and tasty dishes themselves.

There will be seafood dishes, like prawns, squid, and fish, meat dishes like pork, chicken, mutton and beef, and many more other vegetables dishes and some are suitable for vegetarian.  Soup, rice, noodles, bread and also deserts and sweets will also be included. All recipes come with the ingredients for cooking the dish, and the step by step procedure or method of preparing and cooking the dish.

This site is of Asian origin, as the logo shows, a traditional Chinese red on gold background, and calligraphic strokes.  We will have food of mainly Chinese, Malay, Indian, and more generally Asian, and cuisine that you can find in Singapore.  Our name take a very Singapore English “Singlish” tone, WeryNice, pronounced as “Wear Ree Nice”, which simply means Very Very Nice, or VVery Nice.

This web site was set up for housewife or husbands, mothers or fathers, working or not working, married or single, professionals or blue collars, chef or just someone enjoy food, basically anyone who are interested to either learn how to cook, looking for new recipes, to share their recipes or cooking tips, or simply teaching others how to cook. At the same time, I wish to promote Singapore food, or Asian food by and large, to the world, especially visitors who visited Singapore or the region, tasted the food here and, why not, cook it themselves back in their country!  In this globalization era, most of the ingredients can be purchased worldwide, especially when there is a China Town in the city.  You could share it with your friends who have not visited Singapore.  At the same time, this will also be a good food hunt guide for both you to experience the Singapore taste while you are in Singapore!

That’s the theme we are taking, we wish everyone is able to cook a tasty meal with the simplest possible procedures.

We have revised the no advertisement policy, as cost of maintaining this site is increasing. However we will still stick on to NO irritating pop ups advertisements or random lucky draw winners.  We will be using google advertisement which are static and non-irritating, as well as referrals to

We also want all readers and members to be assured that their personal information such as email will stay within the boundary of



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