Braised Bean Curd with Minced Pork or Chicken (红烧豆腐)

This can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with mushrooms, and using vegetarian oyster sauce or mushroom sauce. Ingredients 1 block soft bean curd 150g-200g minced pork or chicken 2 clove of garlic ½ tablespoon dark soya (optional) 1 ½ … Continue reading →

Ikan Billis Mushroom Miso (みそ) Soup

I have introduced a Miso soup recipe in earlier post.  Miso soup is a simple and tasty soup to make.  Miso was also said to have health benefits, but I will not swear by it here, readers may go and … Continue reading →

Braised Duck (卤鸭)

You have to reduce the ingredient if using less than a duck.  You can also do it with just duck tigh or legs if you can get parts in supermarket (usually you have to buy the whole duck).  Wings also … Continue reading →

Bean curd (toufu) Wakame (seaweed) Miso Soup

Ingredients (serve 2 bowls) 2 tablespoon Miso paste 2 bowls water 1/2 tube or block of soft bean curd 2 sticks of dried wakame (japanese seaweed) Method Soak wakame till soft. Rinse briefly to remove any sand or dust. (Very … Continue reading →

Toddler: Spinach (苋菜) Tofu (豆腐) Porridge


Ingredients 1 handful of white rice (or about 1/8 cup using the measuring cup from rice cooker) 1 bowl boiling hot water Small handful of Chinese spinach (苋菜) 1/8 of a tofu block (about 2 tablespoon) 1/8 of a shallot … Continue reading →