Cottage Pie or Shepherd’s Pie

The traditional cottage pie or shepherd’s pie is a meat pie with mashed potatoes as the crust, as potato is a cheaper food then. This recipe is not truly the traditional cottage pie, for simplicity, I do not bake it, … Continue reading →

White boiled chicken or “white chop” chicken (白斩鸡)

  In Singapore you can find many “chicken rice” stalls, and usually there is a choice of “white” chicken or “roast” chicken.  This recipe is for the white boil chicken, which is prepare by poaching the chicken in hot water.  … Continue reading →

Fry Yee Fu (伊府面) Noodle

In this recipe, Yee Fu noodle can be purchased from supermarkets.  They come in dry form, and they are actually deep fried noodle.  Use those that are slim (1-2mm) and slightly flat.  The other type, usually call Yee Noodle (伊面) … Continue reading →

Char Siew Chicken / Pork (叉烧)

char siew chicken

This recipe taste better with pork, but you can also do it with chicken.  Chicken turns up dryer and harder as it does not have fats in between the meat, while pork (if you get the shoulder cut, 五花肉) has … Continue reading →

Hong Zao Chicken (红糟鸡)

hong zao chicken

This is a traditional Fu Zhou (hock chew 福州) dish.  Hong Zao 红糟 (red vinasse) is the remains of the fermented glutinous rice and red yeast rice for making red rice wine.   I think you can get this in supermarket, … Continue reading →