Wat Dan Hor Fun (滑蛋河粉) Gravy

Wat Dan simply means smooth egg (滑蛋).  This is done by pouring egg into the gravy in the last cooking step and turning off the flame immediately before the egg is fully cook, hence remain as soft cook.  This goes … Continue reading →

Fish Slice Porridge (鱼片粥)

Ingredients (serve 4) 2 cm section of ginger 1-2 stalk spring onion 400 grams Spanish Mackerel (马交) fish fillet (or Grouper,石斑) (or Snakehead,  Ikan Toman, 生鱼) 1 cup rice 6 bowls water salt fish bone (optinal) 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 … Continue reading →

Sweet and Sour Grouper Fish

This is good with fish chucks, fish fillets or whole grouper fish. Ingredients 600-800gms Fish ½ teaspoon Salt ½ teaspoon white ground pepper cooking oil for deep frying Corn flour enough to coat the surface of the fish. Sauce (reduce … Continue reading →