White boiled chicken or “white chop” chicken (白斩鸡)

  In Singapore you can find many “chicken rice” stalls, and usually there is a choice of “white” chicken or “roast” chicken.  This recipe is for the white boil chicken, which is prepare by poaching the chicken in hot water.  … Continue reading →

Ikan Bilis (Anchovy) Fry Rice

Ingredients (serve 2) 4 tablespoon dried Ikan Bilis (anchovy) 2 bowl cooked rice 2 egg 3-4 shallots ½ cm section of ginger 5 tablespoon cooking oil ¼ cup water 3 tablespoon light soya sauce Dash of pepper 1 tablespoon chopped … Continue reading →

Pig Trotters with Ginger and Black Vinegar (猪脚姜醋)


  Finally get this recipe typed out.  Manage to get this recipe from my mom.  In Singapore and Malaysia, this dish is commonly consumed by women after giving birth to their babies.  It is a very heaty dish, and helps … Continue reading →

Steam Cod Fish with Wolfberry (枸纪子)

Cod fish goes very well with sweet condiments.  Japanese menu always have cod fish with teriyaki sauce (sweet soya sauce).  This recipe instead uses wolfberry (枸纪子) which are also sweet, and also helps to prevent degeneration of your eyes (claim … Continue reading →

Hong Zao Chicken (红糟鸡)

hong zao chicken

This is a traditional Fu Zhou (hock chew 福州) dish.  Hong Zao 红糟 (red vinasse) is the remains of the fermented glutinous rice and red yeast rice for making red rice wine.   I think you can get this in supermarket, … Continue reading →