Pork Dumpling (咸肉粽子)

salted pork dumpling

Making dumpling is never simple, but I will try to explain as clearly and as simple as it could so that anyone could try and successfully make their own dumpling at home. Ingredients (1 kg portion make about 15 dumpling … Continue reading →

Steam Bean Curd with Egg (蒸水豆腐蛋)

This is a simple and yet healthy and nutritious dish, with goodness of bean curd and egg, and healthy and simplicity of steaming. This dish can also be called 老少平安, but the original version of 老少平安 include minced pork and … Continue reading →

Pasta with Mushroom Cream Sauce (Pasta Al Funghi – Vegetarian)

This is an improved version of the same recipe posted earlier. Ingredients (Serve 1) 5 dry shitake mushroom 3 clove of garlic 250 ml full cream milk (or whipping cream milk for fuller texture) 2 slice of cheese 2 tablespoon … Continue reading →

Long Bean / French Beans Rice

This makes a simple meal of rice with ingredient, without having to cook dishes separately.  Its all-in-one rice pot and its ready to eat. Ingredients (Serve 2) 1 cup white rice  1 tablespoon dry shrimp (虾米) 1 tablespoon silver fish … Continue reading →

Braised Bean Curd with Minced Pork or Chicken (红烧豆腐)

This can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with mushrooms, and using vegetarian oyster sauce or mushroom sauce. Ingredients 1 block soft bean curd 150g-200g minced pork or chicken 2 clove of garlic ½ tablespoon dark soya (optional) 1 ½ … Continue reading →