Kok Zai (角仔)

Kok Zai is one of the many Chinese New Year goodie.  It has flour cracker outside with crush peanut and sugar filling, made into a mini-puff like shape (that is now the name is derived, like a mini “horn”).   This … Continue reading →

Chinese Gado Gado

This is similar to the Malay version of Gado Gado or Tauhu Goreng. We need the same recipe to make deep fry bean curd (but half the portion will do) and I will repeat them here. Ingredients 2 block (10cm … Continue reading →

Chicken Feet Peanut Soup (鸡脚花生汤)


Ingredients 10 chicken feet 10 red dates 300 grams raw peanuts 5-10 clove of garlic 5 dried shitake mushroom, or handfull of dried mushroom stem.(optional) 2 litres water Salt to taste Method Wash the chicken feet, make sure you peel … Continue reading →