Hairy gourd soup (毛瓜煲汤)

Ingredients 200 grams pork soup bone or pork ribs 1 hairy gourd 2 litre water 8 dried red dates 5 dried oyster (蚝豉, 蚝干) 1 teaspoon salt Method Using a knife, do a scraping motion to scrape off the skin … Continue reading →

Dried Apricots and Snow Fungus Dessert

snow fungus apricot dessert

This is quite like the usual snow fungus dessert, but adding dried apricot gives it a fruity sour taste from the usual red date taste.  Kids will like it chilled. Ingredients 10 dried appricots 10 red dates 20 grams dried … Continue reading →

Black Bean Soup with He Shou Wu (何首乌)

This can be drink as usual day soup.  This soup with the He Shou Wu is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that known to help hair growth and darkening of grey hairs. Ingredients 3/4 cup Black beans 5 dried … Continue reading →

Corn and Carrot Soup

Here is another slow cook soup (煲汤) recipe. Ingredients 2 fresh corn on cob 2 carrots 5 dried red dates 200 grams pork ribs 2 dried scallop (干贝) 4 dried oyster (蚝豉, 蚝干) 1 tablespoon wolf berry (枸杞子) optional 2 … Continue reading →

Steam fish with Shitake Mushroom (花菇), Daylily (金针) and Red Dates (红枣)

This is the same as steam fish with shitake mushroom, with daylily and red dates added. This is good for premium fish like grouper, threadfin, pomfret (or commonly misspelled as promfet), where the meat is very tasty. Ingredients Fish ( … Continue reading →