How to have a less cloudy soup when boiling stock from pork bones

When boiling soup or making stock from bones, this step will help to have a clearer soup (less cloudy due to blood from the bones).  Put the pork bone or pork ribs in a bowl. Boil some water and pour … Continue reading →

Spaghetti in Chicken Soup

spaghetti chicken soup

This is quite a simple meal, especially good as a toddlers’ or children’s meal.  Ingredients (serve 2) 4 stalks of celery 2  carrots 1 big yellow onion 2 potatoes 1 chicken breast meat 1 chicken bone (only the backbone and … Continue reading →

Fish and Salted Vegetable Soup (咸菜鱼汤)

Ingredients 300 grams Fish belly, fish head, fish backbone (after fillet out the flesh), or just fish meat chunks. (Garoupa is good for this) 2 table spoon soya sauce 2 table spoon sesame oil 2 table spoon hua tiao (花雕) … Continue reading →

Chicken Feet Peanut Soup (鸡脚花生汤)


Ingredients 10 chicken feet 10 red dates 300 grams raw peanuts 5-10 clove of garlic 5 dried shitake mushroom, or handfull of dried mushroom stem.(optional) 2 litres water Salt to taste Method Wash the chicken feet, make sure you peel … Continue reading →