Seafood Mushroom Spaghetti Olio Aglio

steak and seafood mushroom spaghetti

Olio Aglio means stir fry with garlic and olive oil. I personally like it as it is not creamy as in cream sauce (although I like cream sauce too) or strong tasting as in tomato based sauce.  I just had … Continue reading →

Spaghetti Olio Aglio

Aglio is simply garlic, and Olio means olive oil, so this is simply tossing garlic and oil with spaghetti, but I have added some more ingredients to make it taste better. Ingredients (serve 2) ¼ packet spaghetti 5 garlic 4 … Continue reading →

Bacon Carbonara (creamy sauce)

Easy to prepare and delicious! Ingredients (serves 2) 1/4 packet Spaghetti or other pasta – (standard pack from supermarkets) 2 slices Streaky Bacon 1/2 can Whole Button Mushroom 2 cloves Garlic 1 small pc Onion 1 can Campbell Mushroom Soup … Continue reading →

Spaghetti in Chicken Soup

spaghetti chicken soup

This is quite a simple meal, especially good as a toddlers’ or children’s meal.  Ingredients (serve 2) 4 stalks of celery 2  carrots 1 big yellow onion 2 potatoes 1 chicken breast meat 1 chicken bone (only the backbone and … Continue reading →

Spaghetti and Bake Beans


This portion serves 2.  Suitable for vegetarian. Ingredients 1 can bake beans 100 grams dried spaghetti 1/3 teaspoon salt Method Boil the spaghetti in a pot of water till the softness you prefer (some like it Al dente, while some … Continue reading →