Nonya Dumpling (娘惹粽子)

nonya dumpling

Making dumpling is never simple, but I will try to explain as clearly and as simple as it could so that anyone could try and successfully make their own dumpling at home. Ingredients (1 kg portion make about 15 dumpling … Continue reading →

Winter Melon, Water Chestnut, Barley and Sugar Cane Drink (冬瓜马蹄薏米竹蔗)

This is recommended by my TCM practitioner.  The body tends to have low immunity to respiratory infection when too “heaty”.  This recipe is good to be consumed frequently, as it helps the body to be more “cooling” but not too … Continue reading →

Winter Melon Soup (冬瓜汤)

Most Chinese slow cook soup (煲汤) are cook very similarly, with similar side ingredients, only replacing the main ingredient. Here is another one.  Ingredients 1 4-5cm thick slice of big Chinese winter melon , or ¼ to ½ of a … Continue reading →

Double Boil Winter Melon Dessert (冬瓜)

This is a cooling and nourishing for the lungs (in TCM terms – traditional Chinese Medicine) dessert and good to take when you have cough or having green phlegm.  Otherwise, it can also be taken as a dessert for cooling … Continue reading →

Winter Melon Soup

Ingredients: 1/4 Winter Melon 2 pcs Pork Spare Ribs 4 bowls water Handful of Red Dates (5-10) Preserved Salted Radish (Tai Tau Choy)(大头菜) Salt to taste Method: Wash all ingredients Cut the winter melon & tai tau choy into bite … Continue reading →